/ ænɪmaɪtɪs/

an·i·mi·tis> noun>
1. a medical condition in which the subject has an obsession with anything that pertaining to the subject of animation as follows;
[the occasional comic][animation tips and tutorials]
[art][fan art]
[art tips and tutorials][pokemon]

Also if you know of other awesome artsy animation things let me know!

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dA http://f.cdnbd.com/empty.html

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Intense as fuck
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Layout drawing.
Seein’ Red White n’ Blue (Famous, 1943)
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I was looking through old flash files and remembered this background animation loop that was cut short in the final video.
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so it turns out my dorm’s common room TOTALLY has disney XD which means i am going to begin working up the courage to watch cartoons in public instead of illegally online! wow i live a sad life

I am the only one that really watches cartoons in my dorm.

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An AU where for your entire life you’ve only seen black and white, until you receive the first touch from your soulmate and color blooms before your very eyes. The colors don’t stay when you’re alone, but when they’re there by your side and you’re touching? Everything is beautiful.

But what if you touch them and you look around and see all the colors, and beauty.You get caught in the moment and ask  ”Do you see it too?” And they reply “What are you talking about?” 

That’s okay, I didn’t need my heart. 
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